The Drone Detector is a simple and compact device (also called acoustic sensor) capable of detecting all types of civilian drones (electric and propeller).

Deploying multiple sensors allows you to form a sensing barrier and thus obtain a certain location based on the selected geometry.


Once the drone is detected, the sensor sends an alarm in different ways depending on the configuration:

- Actuating a dry contact (or contact closure)

- Send an SNMP trap for alarm display on a PC or for integration into a supervisor (or VMS)

- Send email or SMS (from a PC and using the monitoring platform of ORELIA)


Other features :

- Water-resistant IP 66

- 7-18V power supply range

- Power consumption : 5 Watt

- Usage temperature : -10°C to +50°C (start point at 0°C)

- Comes with 220V AC converter - 18V DC and (passive) PoE injector for an offset power of 100 meters

- Dimensions : 220 x 140 x 71 mm

- Weight: 1.5 kg

- Material : aluminium

- API based on SNMP protocol (free SDK for alarm integration into Video Management Systems (VMS)) and/or alarm on dry contact


Drone Detector picture (220 x 140 x 71 mm)



ORELIA also provides a centralized platform for supervision, monitoring and management to one or several tens of Drone-Detector sensors.

This software platform (Windows OS) enables  in a simple and centralized manner : control, management, receiving alarms, visualization and alarm plans, tracing curves, history, statistics, detection of a loss connection, send email and SMS ... of each installed sensor.



By being controlled by a Drone-Detector, the jammer has very little spillover in time and space. Indeed, it is powered only few seconds and only in a restricted area. Jammer disturbs transmission frequencies and also GPS's so every type of flying (automatic or not) will be stopped.