– What is the Drone Detector?

The Drone Detector allows you to be alerted to the arrival of a drone over your private area.

– How does the Drone Detector works?

The Drone Detector works by sound analysis. It is based on the recognition of the sound characteristic of drones (detection of sound signature).

– What type of UAV the Drone Detector is able to detect ?

All electric and rotary or fixed wing drones. From 1 (fixed propellers) to 2, 4 and 8 propellers (rotary propellers). You can see examples of mini-drones the Drone Detector can detect in this Gallery.

– What is the regulation about drones?

In most countries, UAVs use is regulated by law (e.g. Decree of 11 April 2012 relating to the design and use of civil aircraft operating without any person on board for France) saying the drones do not have the right to fly over private property or over people.

– Where do I install the Drone Detector?

The Drone Detector is for outdoor installation. It can be laid on a flat and reflective (i.e.smooth) surface, on the roof of a building for instance. The microphone has to be pointed towards the sky.

– How do I install the Drone Detector?

A single Ethernet cable is used for communication (SNMP alarms to your computer) and power (a PoE injector is used to deport supply 100 meters from a 220 volt outlet). A waterproof RJ45 connector comes with the hardware, together with a PoE injector and a AC/DC transformer (220V AC to 18V DC).

You can also get the alarm notifications trough a contact closure on the microphone (inside the module).

– What is the optimum use of the Drone Detector (i.e. detection at a 100 meters range)?

Drone Detector must be installed on a flat reflecting surface (concrete, wood, metal plate …) at minimum 3 meters high. The detection is optimum (long range) when the background noise is less than 40 dB (A). The wind is not a problem because the Drone Detector comes with a windproof shelter. Neither snow nor rain are not a problem. Only a noisy facility near the Drone Detector shortens the detection range.

– How can I buy a Drone Detector?

We sell worldwide. For buying or distributing, please send us an email to contact@orelia.fr