Protect your business against drone cyber intrusion

Cyber-crime can be subject to malicious use of a drone and has to be taken very seriously by security services and CFOs of any large or sensitive company.

In fact, nothing could be easier for a drone to come and rest quietly near a strategic building or a data-center, stay there for a while and leave having time to collect much information having transited through wireless networks. Think about existing portable IMSI-catcher such as this one

“Practically all drones have computers and onboard logic, and for the most part are communicating with a control system through a communications channel. This makes them susceptible to a cyber-attack, but also creates the opportunity for a defensible infrastructure, both internally and externally to the device. This requires a combination of existing and new techniques with emerging technology to provide a defense against drone threats, both accidental and intentional”

Drone Detector helps to protect your business against drone cyber intrusions, Wi-Fi sniffing and intrusion in any wireless communication (GSM, 3G …)



A drone can be used for cyber intrusion and retrieve wireless communications


In addition to drone cyber intrusion detection, see the other applications the Drone Detector can face :

– Protection from smuggling by drone