Protection from smuggling by drone

As drones, toys helicopters and UAVs become cheaper and steadier, prisons and infrastructures such as ministry and embassy are trying to cope with growing security problems.

Drones are already used to smuggle packages containing tobacco, electronics, drugs or any contraband material into prisons or jails.

Drones can be used to cause damage by transporting explosives charges into sensitive sites (such as Embassy or ministry) or critical infrastructures (such as military camp or nuclear site). This case fortunately doesn’t happened yet but they are plausible scenario.

By detecting any flying nearby drone, the Drone Detector can help to protect prisons and infrastructures like ministry and embassy against misuses of drone such as drone intrusion, drone watch and drone smuggling.


A hexacopter drone and contraband were found in a car near the prison


In addition to drone smuggling, watch the other application scenario the Drone Detector can face :

 Protect your business against drone cyber intrusion