Who we are

Audio pattern recognition experts

ORELIA is a 100% french innovative company founded in 2007 by Rémi POITTEVIN and Boris DEFREVILLE, two enthusiast engineers. We're based 60 km south of Paris, France.


We are expert in machine learning, signal processing and audio pattern recognition systems. Drone Detector is a product offered by the ORELIA company. Others application fields and products from ORELIA Company can be seen at www.orelia.fr




We are friend of civil drones but our willingness is simply to help you avoid abusive use.

It all started in early 2013, the drones are in the news and have good press. We felt that it would only last a time and we need to be ready the day malicious acts will be announced. Today, Drone-Detector is a major and well establish actor in the anti-drone ecosystem.

For press or other information requests, contact contact@orelia.fr